Checking In!

Posted on May 16, 2017

Hello everybody, anybody, anyone….you?

I’m so sorry it’s been quite some time since I’ve posted or put out anything new, really, but life has been so hectic…it’s hard to find time to just sit down and write.

I wanted to just check in with those of you who still frequent and let you know what I’ve been up to! I’ve been trying really hard to take a “break” from music for while now, but I’ve got so many projects that I’ve been and still currently working on – some for almost a year now :/ Mainly my fault really! I just want to get back to that mindset I started with. As of late, I’ve been feeling super “stuck”. I don’t know if it’s writer’s block or something else, but I really want to just get back to having that zeal for songwriting and making music! I think once I get all these projects off my plate, I’m going to go on a real hiatus for a little bit. (If you’ve written me and have not received a response from me yet, I promise I’m getting to them all as quickly as I can!)

Anyway, aside from that, I have been working on some really great songs that I can’t wait to share with you all! I’m also making the big move to Los Angeles, CA at the end of this month!! It’s quite scary, moving somewhere I’ve never even been, but I think every challenge is an opportunity for growth whether things go in my favor or not, so I’m really excited! Also, I know I keep saying this, or have said it before, but I promise to post more.



Posted on January 26, 2016

Thank you to Ricky Mears for producing and gifting me this song. I finished it so long ago but never found the right moment to share until now. Due to personal reasons, we’ve had to rehome our beloved little guy, Tank. I am amazed at how much we loved him in the 2 years we had him, life seems out of place without him.

He is such a special guy to me and will forever hold a piece of my heart. I will always miss him following me all around the house; from the kitchen to the bathroom, and in circles leading nowhere just to be with me. I will miss his big wet kisses and attempts to cuddle with me, everywhere I lay. I will miss his silly antics and how funny and amusing he was, even when he wasn’t trying to be. I will miss him so much and am forever grateful that we had the chance to spend 2 years with such a cute, crazy, loving, loyal, patience-testing, and funny guy.

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Posted on January 11, 2015

2015 really crept up on me this year, but that’s okay! I’m ready!

What an amazing year 2014 has been, both professionally and personally! I feel like I’ve gained so much more insight this year than I have any other. In terms of relationships, knowledge, and self-introspection, I definitely feel like a winner 😀

I really don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, but like to keep a mental list of things I’d like to accomplish sometime in this life 🙂 I like to give myself a little extra time for the procrastinator inside of me. I do, however, want to focus on the relationships that I currently have and really be intentional about them. That also applies to my relationship with Christ.

For too long I’ve dragged my baggage around, not quite feeling ready to give it all up. Learning how to surrender control and have faith has been such a struggle for me. This is definitely a conscious effort that I’ve been trying to adopt and do habitually. I really want to believe that this is the year it’ll happen! I understand that I’m human, I make mistakes, but where I falter is making excuses for myself not to get better.

As far as music goes, I definitely want to focus on songs that really really inspire me. I want to be fair with those who spend hours upon hours of frustration trying to get every little detail to sound right by focusing just as much of my time and energy.  In the past, I accepted a lot projects because I liked the song or thought it might be something I could write for. I want to be more intentional even about that! I am going to be more realistic about my timelines and workload this year. I almost blew up last year because of how overwhelmed and restricted I felt!! In taking on less projects, I hope to have more time and attention to devote in order to create real pieces that I deeply love and resonate with.

I’m sorry if you’ve contacted me through here, Soundcloud, Facebook, or YouTube and have not yet heard from me. I lose track of who I’ve responded to and have a long list of messages and emails that I am trying to get through! Be patient and persistent is the advice that I have for you 🙂

I’m Back!

Posted on November 12, 2014

We’re up and running again! Check out each tab for updates on music or my lackluster blogging!!

UMF 2014

Posted on March 29, 2014

Currently streaming and wishing I was in sunny Florida! Beats this MN weather!

On the Mend

Posted on March 4, 2014

Hello All!

Have I been missed? I guess my road to recovery was a fluke the last time I announced it. I’ve been sick with pneumonia, and let me tell you….it feels like death. I had no energy to do anything! I pretty much felt like sleeping and dying all at the same time. I’m happy to truly say today that I am on the mend. My doctor prescribed me some antibiotics to battle the pesky little bacteria infiltrating my lungs, so I should be fully recovered any day now!

I’m excited to get back into music and bring you some more collaborations that I hope you will love! Stay tuned, and thanks for reading 🙂

Hello World!

Posted on February 12, 2014

I’m back from my short hiatus. I was sick with the flu these past few days so it actually feels like a Monday today! I spent the weekend with people that I hold very dear to my heart! A big THANK YOU to everyone that came near and far to spend the weekend with me 🙂 and to Carnage and Infected Mushroom for providing the music for our debauchery! I feel very very loved.

I am still currently on the road to recovery so I will keep this entry short. Happy Wednesday to all!

Poland Down, Next Stop…Sweden!

Posted on January 31, 2014

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