Thank you to Ricky Mears for producing and gifting me this song. I finished it so long ago but never found the right moment to share until now. Due to personal reasons, we’ve had to rehome our beloved little guy, Tank. I am amazed at how much we loved him in the 2 years we had him, life seems out of place without him.

He is such a special guy to me and will forever hold a piece of my heart. I will always miss him following me all around the house; from the kitchen to the bathroom, and in circles leading nowhere just to be with me. I will miss his big wet kisses and attempts to cuddle with me, everywhere I lay. I will miss his silly antics and how funny and amusing he was, even when he wasn’t trying to be. I will miss him so much and am forever grateful that we had the chance to spend 2 years with such a cute, crazy, loving, loyal, patience-testing, and funny guy.

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